阅读理解     A sunflower is a sunflower. A mobile phone is a mobile phone. But can y

阅读理解     A sunflower is a sunflower. A mobile phone is a mobile phone. But can y

阅读理解     A sunflower is a sunflower. A mobile phone is a mobile phone. But can you combine the two to do
something for your local environment? As early as next year it may well be possible. When you have
finished with your mobile phone you will be able to bury it in the garden or a plant pot and wait for it to
     A biodegradable (生物可降解的) mobile phone was, this month, introduced by scientists. It is hoped
that the new type of phone will encourage consumers to recycle (再利用). Scientists have come up with
a new material over the last five years. It looks like any other plastic, but overtime it can break down into
the soil without giving out any poisonous chemicals. British researchers used the new material to develop
a phone cover that contains a sunflower seed. When this cover turns into waste, it forms nitrates (硝酸盐). These feed the seed and help the flower grow. "We"ve only put sunflower seeds into the cover so far.
But we are working with plant experts to find out which flowers will perform best. Maybe we could put
roses in next time." said one scientist.
As phone technology is developing so quickly people are constantly throwing their mobiles away. This
means producers are under pressure to find ways of recycling them. Some 650 million mobile phones
have been sold this year. Most of them will be thrown away within two years, adding plastic, heavy metal
and chemical waste to the environment. A biodegradable cover can offer some relief for nature,
according to the scientists. "The seed is released and the flower grows in the pot so you don"t have to
concern yourself with the phone when you have finished using it," said Kerry Kirwan, the leader of the
research team.

1. After you have finished using the new type of mobile phone, _______.

A. the sunflower seed will come out and flower in the pot
B. the phone cover will break down very soon in the soil
C. it will be recycled by the producers
D. it can charge itself with electricity in a green way

2. This type of research is done because ________.

A. the technology of making phones is changing rapidly
B. too many waste mobile phones may lead to environmental problems
C. nobody has ever thought of recycling mobile phones
D. producing mobile phones uses a lot of energy

3. We can infer from the story ________.

A. the new type of mobile phones is already on the market
B. the new type of mobile phones will sell extremely well
C. the material of the new type of phones is harmful
D. other flowers may be used in the new type of mobile phones
1-3: ABD
阅读理解     Grown-ups are often surprised by how well they remember something they learned as children but
have never practiced ever since. A man who has not had a chance to go swimming for years can still
swim as well as ever when he gets back in the water. He can get on a bicycle after many years and still
ride away. He can play catch and hit a ball as well as his son. A mother who has not thought about the
words for years can teach her daughter the poem that begins "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" or remember
the story of Cinderella or Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
     One explanation is the law of overlearning, which can be stated as follows: Once we have learned
something, additional learning trials increase the length of time we will Remember it
      In childhood we usually continue to practice such skills as swimming, bicycle riding, and
playing baseball long after we have learned them. We continue to listen to and remind
ourselves of words such as "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" and childhood tales such as
     Cinderella and Goldilocks. We not only learn but overlearn.
    The multiplication tables(乘法口诀表)are an exception to the general rule. that we
forget rather quickly the things that we learn in school, because they are another of the things
we overlearn in childhood.
     The law of overleatning explains why crammingJ(突击学习)for an examination, though
it may result in a passing grade, is not a satisfactory way to learn a college course. By
cramming, a student may learn the subject well enough to get by on the examination, but he is
likely soon to forget almost everything he learned. A little overlearning, on the other hand, is
really necessary for one"s future development.1.What"the main idea of Paragraph 1?A. People remember well what they learned in childhood.
B. Children have a better memory than grown-ups.
C. Poem reading is a good way to learn words."
D. Stories for children are easy to remember.2. The author explains the law of overlearning byA. presenting research findings
B. setting down general rules
C. making a comparison
D. using examples3. According to the author, being able to use multiplication tables isA. a result of overlearning
B. a special case of cramming
C. a skill to deal with math problems
D. a basic step towards advanced studies4.What is the author"s opinion on cramming?A. It leads to failure in college exams.
B. It"s helpful only in a limited way.
C. It"s possible to result in poor memory.
D. It increases students" learning interest.
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阅读理解                                           The Basics of Math-Made Clear
     Basic Math introduces students to the basic concepts of mathematics, as well as the fundamentals of
more tricky areas. These 30 fantastic lectures are designed to provide students with an understanding of
arithmetic and to prepare them for Algebra(代数) and beyond.
     The lessons in Basic Math cover every basic aspect of arithmetic. They also look into exponents(指数), the order of operations, and square roots. In addition to learning how to perform various
mathematical operations, students discover why these operations work, how a particular mathematical
topic relates to other branches of mathematics, and how these operations can be used practically.
     Basic Math starts from the relatively easier concepts and gradually moves on to the more
troublesome ones, so as to allow for steady and sure understanding of the material by students. The
lectures offer students the chance to "make sense" of mathematical knowledge that may have seemed so
frightening. They also help students prepare for college mathematics and overcome their anxiety about
this amazing-and completely understandable-field of study.
     By the conclusion of the course, students will have improved their understanding of basic math. They
will be able to clear away the mystery(神秘性) of mathematics and face their studies with more
confidence than they ever imagined. In addition, they will strengthen their ability to accept new and
exciting mathematical challenges.
     Professor H. Siegel, honored by Kentucky Educational Television as "the best math teacher in
America," is a devoted teacher and has a gift for explaining mathematical concepts in ways that make
them seem clear and obvious. From the basic concrete ideas to the more abstract problems, he is master
in making math lectures learner-friendlier and less scary.
     With a PhD in Mathematics Education from Georgia State University, Dr. Siegel teaches mathematics
at Central Arizona College. His courses include various make-up classes and a number of lectures for
future primary school teachers.
     If the course fails to provide complete satisfaction to you, you can easily exchange it for any other
course that we offer. Or you can get your money back.1. What does the course Basic Math mainly cover?A. Algebra.                    
B. College Mathematics.
C. Arithmetic.                  
D. Mathematics Education.2. What benefits can students expect from Basic Math? A. Stronger imaginative ability.
B. Additional presentation skills.
C. More mathematical confidence.
D. Greater chances of becoming teachers.3. What can we learn about Professor H. Siegel?A. He is a guest lecturer at Kentucky Educational Television.
B. He is to deliver 30 lectures in Basic Math.
C. He works in Georgia State University.
D. He specializes in training teachers.4. Where is the passage most likely to have been taken from? A. A news report.              
B. A book review
C. A lesson plan.              
D. An advertisement
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阅读理解                                                    Decision-making under Stress
     A new review based on a research shows that acute stress affects the way the brain considers the
advantages and disadvantages, causing it to focus on pleasure and ignore the possible negative (负面的)
consequences of a decision.
     The research suggests that stress may change the way people make choices in predictable ways.
     "Stress affects how people learn," says Professor Mara Mather. "People learn better about positive
than negative outcomes under stress."
     For example, two recent studies looked at how people learned to connect images(影像) with either
rewards or punishments. In one experiment, some of the participants were first stressed by having to give
a speech and do difficult math problems in front of an audience; in the other, some were stressed by
having to keep their hands in ice water. In both cases, the stressed participants remembered the
rewarded material more accurately and the punished material less accurately than those who hadn"t gone
through the stress.
     This phenomenon is likely not surprising to anyone who has tried to resist eating cookies or smoking
a cigarette while under stress -at those moments, only the pleasure associated with such activities comes
to mind. But the findings further suggest that stress may bring about a double effect. Not only are
rewarding experiences remembered better, but negative consequences are also easily recalled.
     The research also found that stress appears to affect decision-making differently in men and women.
While both men and women tend to focus on rewards and less on consequences under stress, their
responses to risk turn out to be different.
     Men who had been stressed by the cold-water task tended to take more risks in the experiment
while women responded in the opposite way. In stressful situations in which risk-taking can pay off big,
men may tend to do better, when caution weighs more, however, women will win.
     This tendency to slow down and become more cautious when decisions are risky might also help
explain why women are less likely to become addicted than men: they may more often avoid making the
risky choices that eventually harden into addiction.1. We can learn from the passage that people under pressure tend to ______.A. keep rewards better in their memory
B. recall consequences more effortlessly
C. make risky decisions more frequently
D. learn a subject more effectively2. According to the research, stress affects people most probably in their ______.A. ways of making choices
B. preference for pleasure
C. tolerance of punishments
D. responses to suggestions3.The research has proved that in a stressful situation, ______.A. women find it easier to fall into certain habits
B. men have a greater tendency to slow down
C. women focus more on outcomes
D. men are more likely to take risks
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阅读理解     根据短文内容,从短文后的七个选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。
      Last year, researchers from the University of Michigan reported that empathy, the ability to
understand other people, among college students had dropped sharply over the past 10 years. __1__
Today, people spend more time alone and are less likely to join groups and clubs.
Jennifer Freed, a co-director of a teen program, has another explanation. Turn on the TV, and you"re
showered with news and reality shows full of people fighting, competing, and generally treating one
another with no respect. __2__
     There are good reasons not to follow those bad examples. Humans are socially related by nature.
__3__ Researchers have also found that empathetic teenagers are more likely to have high self-respect.
Besides, empathy can be a cure for loneliness, sadness, anxiety, and fear.
Empathy is also an indication of a good leader. In fact, Freed says, many top companies report that
empathy is one of the most important things they look for in new managers. __4__ "Academics are
important.    But if you don"t have emotional (情感的) intelligence, you won"t be as successful in work
or in your love life," she says.
      What"s the best way to up your EQ (情商)? For starters, let down your guard and really listen to
others. __5__
     To really develop empathy, you"d better volunteer at a nursing home or a hospital, join a club or a
team that has a diverse membership, have a "sharing circle" with your family, or spend time caring for
pets at an animal shelter.

A. Everyone is different, and levels of empathy differ from person to person.
B. That could be because so many people have replaced face time with screen time, the researchers said.
C. "One doesn"t develop empathy by having a lot of opinions and doing a lot of talking," Freed says.
D. Humans learn by example-and most of the examples on it are anything but empathetic.
E. Empathy is a matter of learning how to understand someone else-both what they think and how they
F. Good social skills-including empathy-are a kind of "emotional intelligence" that will help you succeed
     in many areas of life.
G. Having relationships with other people is an important part of being human-and having empathy is
    decisive to those relationships.
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阅读理解     I"m usually fairly skeptical about any research that concludes that people are either happier or
unhappier or more or less certain of themselves than they were 50 years ago. While any of these
statements might be true, they are practically impossible to prove scientifically. Still, I was struck by
a report which concluded that today"s children are significantly more anxious than children in the 1950s.
In fact, the analysis showed, normal children ages 9 to 17 exhibit a higher level of anxiety today than
children who were treated for mental illness 50 years ago.
     Why are America"s kids so stressed? The report cites two main causes: increasing physical
isolation-brought on by high divorce rates and less involvement in community, among other things-and
a growing perception that the world is a more dangerous place.
     Given that we can"t turn the clock back, adults can still do plenty to help the next generation cope.
     At the top of the list is nurturing (培育) a better appreciation of the limits of individualism. No child
is an island. Strengthening social ties helps build communities and protect individuals against stress.
     To help kids build stronger connections with others, you can pull the plug on TVs and computers.
Your family will thank you later. They will have more time for face-to-face relationships, and they will
get more sleep.
     Limit the amount of virtual (虚拟的) violence your children are exposed to. It"s not just video games
and movies; children see a lot of murder and crime on the local news.
     Keep your expectations for your children reasonable. Many highly successful people never attended
Harvard or Yale.
     Make exercise part of your daily routine. It will help you cope with your own anxieties and provide
a good model for your kids. Sometimes anxiety is unavoidable. But it doesn"t have to ruin your life.1. What does the author mean when he says, "we can"t turn the clock back" (Line 1, Para. 3)? A. It"s impossible to slow down the pace of change.
B. The social reality children are facing cannot be changed.
C. Lessons learned from the past should not be forgotten.
D. It"s impossible to forget the past. 2. According to an analysis, compared with normal children today, children treated as mentally
    ill 50 years ago ________. A. were less isolated physically
B. were probably less self-centered
C. probably suffered less from anxiety
D. were considered less individualistic 3. The first and most important thing parents should do to help their children is ________. A. to provide them with a safer environment
B. to lower their expectations for them
C. to get them more involved socially
D. to set a good model for them to follow 4. What conclusion can be drawn from the passage? A. Anxiety, though unavoidable, can be coped with.
B. Children"s anxiety has been enormously exaggerated.(夸大)
C. Children"s anxiety can be eliminated(排除) with more parental care.
D. Anxiety, if properly controlled, may help children become mature.
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